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His Excellency Dr. Ned Xoubi was sworn in ‎as a Commissioner for nuclear fuel cycle of ‎Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) ‎on March 17, 2008, to a term ending on ‎March 16, 2013.‎

Dr. Xoubi received his Bachelor’s degree in ‎Nuclear Engineering from the University of ‎Wisconsin - Madison, USA, in 1984. He ‎earned a Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in ‎Nuclear Engineering from the University of ‎Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dr. Xoubi is the Project Director of Jordan ‎Nuclear Research Reactor ‎‎(JRTR), and is the ‎Project Manager of Jordan Subcritical ‎Assembly (JSA). ‎He has successfully established and managed several ‎of Jordan`s nuclear projects including Central ‎Storage Facility (CSF) for sophisticated ‎storage of radioactive waste and JAEC ‎Uranium Analytical Measurement ‎Laboratories. He served as the Chairman of ‎the National Committee for drafting the ‎uranium mining regulations, and as the ‎Chairman of the Research Reactor evaluation  and selection ‎committee. He is also the lead counter part ‎‎(CP) for several IAEA technical cooperation ‎projects

Dr. Xoubi is the Founder of ‎Jordan’s first Nuclear Engineering Department (NED) at Jordan University of Science ‎and Technology (JUST); he served as its Chairman till 2008, and continue to be an Assistant professor of Nuclear Engineering at JUST . From 2008-2009 he served ‎as the Director General of Jordan Energy Resources Inc., the Jordanian company in ‎charge of exploring and mining uranium, and was on the Board of Directors of the ‎Jordanian French Uranium Mining Company (Areva Jordan Resources).

Dr. Xoubi is member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), IEEE Nuclear & Plasma ‎Sciences Society, and  Jordan Engineering Association. His research interests ‎include nuclear power plant design, nuclear fuel management, criticality calculations, and ‎modeling and simulation of nuclear reactors. He has published peer reviewed papers in ‎archival journals and has made numerous presentations at national and international conferences.

‎Dr Xoubi`s awards include the American Nuclear Society Best Paper Award, Jordan ‎Independence Medallion (Wesam Al-Isteklal), National Academy for Nuclear Training ‎Fellowship, and he is featured in Who`s Who in America.‎


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