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KAU Department of Nuclear Engineering

The NE Department at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, offers undergraduate and graduate education for students interested in advancing the intellectual frontiers of nuclear science and technology for the benefit of mankind. The department offers Nuclear Engineering Degrees in three specialties NE Nuclear Power, NE Medical Physics and NE Radiation Protection
ABET Accredited
ANS Students Chapter

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Facts & Myths of Nuclear Energy

Working with international experts and the local scientific community to inspire young scientists and engineers and increase public awareness about the importance and benefits of nuclear energy. In 2008 Dr. Xoubi led the efforts with Yarmouk University to organize the First International Symposium on the Technology of Peaceful Nuclear Energy in Jordan.

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Jordan’s First Nuclear Reactor

In this historical moment Dr. Xoubi is signing the contract of Jordan’s first research & training reactor. This is a life-long dream, years of hard work and persistence have finally paid off and the reactor is now a reality.
JCNR Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Project Manager Ned Xoubi is briefing His Majesty King Abdullah II on Jordan’s first ‎nuclear reactor at the ground-breaking ceremony of Jordan Center for Nuclear Research ‎‎(JCNR)‎ on November 23, 2010, signaling the start-up of the work on Jordan’s nuclear ‎reactor.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Speaking at the international atomic energy agency (IAEA) about nuclear fuel, research reactors, nuclear education , uranium and waste management is an important part of promoting  Jordan’s nuclear program to the international nuclear community.
Milestones on Jordan’s Road to Nuclear

Speaking at national Universities, professional organizations, conferences, and meetings to promote nuclear energy, and disseminate information, is an important part of developing Jordan’s nuclear program.

Jordan’s First Nuclear Facility

Bringing years of experience and education to design and build Jordan subcritical reactor (JSA), this facility will be used mainly for the education and training of nuclear engineers and scientists.  This is Jordan’s first nuclear facility … from idea to realization … see  how it is being built.

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HM King Abdullah II confers upon Dr. Xoubi the Medal of Independence in appreciation of his outstanding nuclear research




Secret, confidential & classified Nuclear Documents

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